Why shop at Hugh Beds?

We help you with your sleep problems, by bringing you the latest scientific materials that alleviate your sleep struggles.

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Finding yourself struggling to sleep lately?

Welcome to Hugh Beds – The Mattress Company Which Aims to Help Alleviate Your Sleep Struggles.

As Bed Manufacturers for many famous brand, we understand that you want a mattress that caters for your specific needs. So we went ahead and created some solutions for those who:

  • Sleep hot? Check out our Ice Cool Mattress or 5k Hybrid

  • Interested in Magnetic Therapy? Check out the Magnarest

  • Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? The Copper Tech mattress is for you!

Our mission is to bring better sleep to those who suffer with sleep problems. Whether it is night sweats, muscle and joint pains or you simply want to create the optimum surroundings for sleep, Hugh Beds have a mattress for you!



Experience the benefits of enhanced sleep with Hugh Bed’s Magnerest mattress. Counteract the impact of modern life and restore your body’s magnetic field with our innovative mattress ticking. Designed at a firmness level of 7 to 8 on Hugh’s scale, the Magnerest offers regenerative sleep and magnetic therapy, making it ideal for individuals seeking a revitalizing rest to support their active lifestyles.

Copper Tech

Discover the luxury of our Copper-Tech Mattress by Hugh Beds, expertly infused with copper for an advanced sleep experience. Specifically engineered to alleviate rheumatoid discomfort, this mattress offers a sumptuously soft touch that minimizes joint pressure. Embrace the sensation of sinking into the mattress as it cradles you gently, achieving a firmness level of 4 to 5 on Hugh’s scale for optimal comfort tailored to your needs.


Experience the revolutionary 37.5 Mattress, a game-changer in sleep comfort. Harnessing the power of 37.5 technology, this mattress goes beyond conventional sleep surfaces by dynamically regulating your body temperature. Trusted by top sportswear brands, this patented innovation now graces your mattress, offering breathability, temperature control, and a cozy skin-friendly feel. Unlike passive materials, the 37.5 fabric is infused with active particles that transform excess heat and moisture into vapor, proactively adapting to your body’s needs for optimal sleep conditions. Whether you need warmth or coolness, the 37.5 Mattress has you covered.

Free Sleep Consultation

Do you consider yourself to have sleep problems? Do you sleep too hot? Maybe you wake up feeling restless, with aches and pains? Or maybe, you’re into alternative therapy and appreciate the benefits that magnetic field therapy can offer to the human body? Here at Hugh Beds, we want to help people sleep better and wake up feeling rested. Which is why we have journeyed into sleep science with the help of experts in this field, to bring our customers top-of-the-range sleep technology advanced mattresses that help to alleviate sleep niggles.

Book a free 10 minute consultation to discover which mattress would work best for you.