What you need to know about mattresses and your rental property

If you’re a landlord, you might be wondering how best to furnish your home for people who want to rent it. Perhaps you are wondering what your obligations are regarding mattresses. What type of mattress should you put in your rental property, and when should you replace it for your tenants?

And what about insurance for mattresses? Is it worth investing in?

In this article, we’ll talk you through all of these aspects of furnishing your rental property when it comes to mattresses.

What are furnished properties

A furnished rental property is a property that is rented out to tenants with furniture in it. There are two types of furnished rental property; fully furnished and part furnished.

If a property is fully furnished, it should have everything a tenant would need to move in and live there, including beds, sofas, wardrobes, curtains, and all other necessities someone would need, including mattresses.

If your property is part furnished, it might contain some items of furniture but not others. It is important in this case that you let any prospective tenants know what furniture is available to them so that they know what they will need to buy or borrow.

What kind of mattress should you put in your rental property?

But what type of mattress should landlords put in their rental property? Well, you’re going to want something that is something not too cheap but not too expensive. You’re unlikely to want to provide a luxurious mattress for your tenants unless you’re offering a really high value dwelling. But we would urge you not to default to buy the cheapest mattress possible.

This is because it is your responsibility to replace furniture that becomes overly worn. Cheap mattresses are unlikely to last long, and so you will need to replace them more often, and then you’ll lose money in the long run.

How often should a landlord replace their rental property mattress?

If you’re letting out a furnished property then you’ll need to replace the mattresses when it is no use anymore because it has been subjected to too much wear and tear.

The sleep society also recommends that you replace mattresses every seven to eight years, but most people change their mattress on average every ten years. With good care, mattresses can last up to fifteen years.

We’d recommend you change mattresses in your rental property either when they’re damaged because of wear and tear (which your tenant will usually tell you about) or every seven to ten years.

If a tenant damages a mattress and it needs to be replaced, you might choose to purchase a new one and deduct the money from their bond, or they might choose to replace the mattress themselves. It is important to note that they must leave the property as they found it, so if you provided them with a mattress and they destroyed it, they should be replacing that mattress even if they are leaving the property.

What is classed as wear and tear on mattresses?

Reasonable wear and tear on a mattress are elements of use you would expect to see relevant to the mattress’s age.

These might be stains, for example, or slight sagging. Sweat marks are another common part of general wear and tear on a mattress. These are all to be expected, and you will likely see these if a tenant has been sleeping on the mattress in your rental property for a while.

You would not expect to see huge holes and tears, or excessive and unpleasant stains, like urine marks, for example.

Best landlord insurance to cover mattress damage

If you are a landlord, it is vital you have landlord insurance to cover you in the event something goes wrong with your rental property.

A good insurance policy will cover you for liability claims and repair/rebuild costs if your property is damaged.

This is a complicated part of landlordship. For more information and comparisons, the NimbleFins website is a great source of information.

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