The best mattress for you: Who would suit each of our mattresses?

At Hugh Beds, we have a great range of different mattresses to choose from, each with their own individual benefits. If you are looking for a new mattress, it can be difficult to know which one to try. This is especially the case if you have specific needs or sleep difficulties. To help you along on your mattress choosing journey, we have listed some common customer profiles below, and matched them with a mattress from our range that will best suit these specific needs.

We want to make your experience when choosing a mattress as easy and straightforward as possible. We hope this article will help you to do that.

The hot sleeper

Do you find that you often struggle to sleep because you are too hot? This is a common problem for many people all over the UK. Your body actually needs to reduce temperature by 1-2 degrees to sleep. Therefore, it is really important your body stays cool and can regulate its temperature throughout the night. It can be difficult to stay cool, particularly when sleeping, as your body is constantly producing and venting heat that it wants to get rid of. Many mattresses can retain this heat and struggle to dissipate it. This is where many of us can struggle to sleep throughout the night.

At Hugh Beds, we have two mattresses that are the perfect solution for sleepers who struggle to regulate their temperature. Both are designed with expert technology to eradicate body heat and keep your sleep environment at the ideal temperature for the best night’s sleep.

Ice-Cool Gel Mattress

Our ‘ice-cool gel mattress’ is the perfect option for hot sleepers. It has a cool gel ticking and special cooler fibres built in, keeping the mattress nice and cool throughout the night. Its thermal connectivity features help reduce your body temperature and keep it there. This mattress has unique layers, including a layer of HD Cooled Gel and the ‘Ice cool’ mattress topper, making it a great option for people who tend to overheat.

The hot or cold Sleeper

37.5 Mattress

We have also created a mattress with ‘37.5 technology’, named after the perfect temperature. This mattress is very special because it attracts the water vapours your body releases throughout the night. It then speeds evaporation by working at the microlevel with active particles to help dissipate your unwanted heat. These special active particles attract these vapour particles and help your bedding to remove this moisture or heat from your mattress fast. This mattress is smart because these clever particles have the ability to speed up evaporation if you are too hot or retain these particles if you are too cold. It can do this by using each individual person’s inferred energy, meaning it can support both a hot and cold sleeper in the same bed at the same time. This mattress’s main aim throughout is to keep your body at that 37.5 temperature for the best, most comfortable night of sleep.

The restless sleeper

Do you find that you have a super busy lifestyle and are always on the go? Can you sometimes struggle with restless sleep after a busy day? Do not fret, we have the mattress for you.

The Magnarest Mattress

Magnarest technology has been fully examined and proven to have a positive impact on sleep quality. This mattress has been found to boost the important hormone melatonin that we need to sleep, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol that can keep us awake. The Magnarest Mattress works by creating a magnetic field, something that is needed when our bodies produce melatonin. This mattress’s main goal is to ensure your body’s magnetic field is at the perfect level for optimal sleep. The wonderful thing about this technology is that it will support you falling into a deeper sleep faster, and help you to feel nice and refreshed after a great quality sleep.

The sleeper in pain

Do you find that pain in your joints or rheumatoid problems can impact your sleep quality? When it comes to joint pain, working on comfort levels to get them just right is so important. We have the ideal mattress. It focuses on firmness and comfort at the right level to support your joints.

The Copper Tech Mattress

A mattress that is too soft or too hard could end up triggering your pressure points, worsening things like arthritis. Our copper infused mattress will provide the perfect comfort levels to reduce pressure points on your joints. With our expert technology, the copper tech mattress provides an extremely soft feel whilst still providing a resilient and firm sleeping surface. The layers in this mattress are specifically selected to help support your spine and relieve pressure points. This can really help manage issues such as arthritis pain whilst you sleep.

Hugh Beds

At Hugh beds, we really want to support you to have the best quality sleep. We truly understand many of the common sleep problems our customers face and have tailored each of our beds to suit each specific need. When creating our mattresses, we’ve worked hard on these issues, using the expertise of our amazing team. We’ve created the very best beds, made from the latest scientific materials, to help you have the best night of sleep.


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