Recommended ways to sleep with arthritis pain in the hip

Hip arthritis is a very common condition that can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. It is caused by cartilage damage in the hip joint and often worsens over time. Common symptoms can include pain, locking, or a grinding sensation. People who struggle with this can often find it difficult to walk upstairs and may find it uncomfortable to stand or sit for long periods of time. If you struggle with this condition, you may also struggle to sleep. Around 80% of people who struggle with this condition note they have problems with either falling or staying asleep. If this includes you, you have come to the right place. We have listed some top tips below to support you to get the best night’s sleep despite your arthritis pain.

Sleep positions

The position in which you sleep may not be helping your pain levels. Sleeping on your back can often be most helpful, but if you prefer to sleep on your side, try your best to sleep on the side that doesn’t cause pain in your hip. It can also be really useful to place one or more pillows between your legs. If you find lying on your back more comfortable, it could be useful to place a rolled-up blanket or pillow beneath your knees and potentially another under the small of your back. There are lots of great knee pillows available online that could be helpful to try.

Keep your spine in line

One of the best things you can do to help with arthritis pain is to keep your head, neck, and spine in line. Many people will keep their head tilted far to one side throughout the night. If you have too many pillows, you may also tilt your head too far forward. If possible, sleep with a thin pillow. This will support our full body to stay as in line as possible throughout the night. Also, if you can, try your best not to sleep on your stomach, because you need to twist your neck to breathe when you lie on your stomach. Sleeping on your back and side and keeping your spine as straight as possible throughout the night will help you manage that arthritis pain.

Work on pain relief

If you are finding your pain continues to keep you awake each night, it may be worth trying different forms of pain relief to support you to get the best night of sleep. This doesn’t just include medication, but factors such as regular exercise, physical therapy, and weight loss can also be great pain relief. It’s always a great idea to consult a doctor or health profession to discuss medication or different support options before trying them yourself. A doctor will have a good understanding of what medication and dosage will be suitable.

Work on your sleep habits

Although your pain may be the biggest factor that keeps you awake each night, other habits may influence your sleep pattern, causing you to pay attention to your pain throughout the night. Simple changes can support you to sleep better and will give you a better chance of avoiding being disturbed each night. Good sleep habits include setting a regular time to go to bed and wake each day. This will help regulate your internal body clock, as well as avoiding caffeinated drinks before bed, and ensuring your bedroom is as dark and as cool as you can. This will provide the perfect sleep environment for you to have the best night’s sleep. Eating large meals before bed is also not recommended, as this can cause you to wake throughout the night with an unsettled stomach. Any of these factors may be the initial thing that wakes you, causing your pain to confront you.

Choose the best suited mattress

A mattress that is too soft or too hard could end up triggering your pressure points, worsening the pain in your hip. At Hugh beds, our Copper Infused Mattress provides the perfect comfort level to reduce pressure points on your joints. With our expert technology, it provides an extremely soft feel whilst still providing a resilient and firm sleeping surface. Our outstanding copper-infused support layers help support your spine and relieve pressure points to really help manage issues associated with arthritis.

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