Best mattress for hot sleeper – the benefits of sleeping on a cooler mattress

If you’re a hot sleeper, you might have resigned yourself to the fact that there is nothing you can do. Maybe you sleep every night without the comfort of a duvet, or with the window open. Perhaps you’ve tried everything; ice packs in bed, cold showers before sleep, or even special pillows and duvets.

But have you tried a cooler mattress?

We’d guess that you haven’t. Maybe you think they don’t really work, or perhaps your partner is concerned about having a cooling mattress if they like to be warm.

Well, we’re here to help you change their mind. There are many benefits of sleeping on a cooler mattress. Here are some of them.

Coolness is the answer to good quality sleep

People don’t realise how often their sleep is disturbed in the night, and a key reason for this disturbance is often overheating. When we overheat, we produce sweat, and that makes for a very uncomfortable sleep environment. Overheating also alerts our body that something is wrong, which may wake us up. Many people who don’t realise they overheat when they sleep have this happen without realising it, so if you feel constantly tired, it might be because you are suffering the lack of sleep that comes with overheating without knowing.

Don’t forget, lack of sleep contributes to all sorts of issues, including difficulty concentrating, weight gain, and depression. Solving any issues you are having sleeping is the absolute best way to improve your life quickly.

The cooling mattress won’t make you cold

Cooling mattresses do not make people cold, they just absorb additional body heat. Some mattresses with cooling abilities actually work to heat you up if you get too cold. The 37.5 from Hugh Beds, for example, not only cools you if you are overheating, but warms you up if you are cold. It does this by storing body heat to heat up your mattress if your temperature falls below 37.5 If you get too hot, the mattress will turn excess heat into water vapour before you have a chance to sweat.

This incredible technology makes this cooling mattress the perfect solution for hot or cold sleepers.

Lower air conditioning bills

This is a time of great stress for many of us, and lots of us have resided ourselves to living now without heating or air conditioning, but we don’t want to be uncomfortable in bed. A mattress like the 37.5 would be the answer you are looking for, because it not only cools you down when you are warm, but it also heats you up when you are cold.

This is a much cheaper and more natural way of regulating your body temperature at night.

A more hygienic sleeping environment

When we overheat when we sleep, we sweat. When we sweat into fabric, we make the perfect environment for nasties to grow, such as mould. These can be terrible for people with allergies. They might make respiratory conditions worse, or disturb your sleep by waking you if you are struggling to breath.

Eventually, sweating can cause significant damage to your mattress. It might start to smell, or even drop apart. You’ll be forced to spend more money buying a new one.

Do not underestimate the damage overheating can cause, both to your personal health and to the health of your sleep environment.

Less snoring

Unbelievably, some studies have shown that there is a correlation between apnea-related snoring and temperature, which means that some people with this type of condition sleep better in a cooler environment.

If you buy a cooling gel based mattress, there is also some evidence to suggest that gel-based joint alignment can also help stop snoring, so if you are looking for a cooling mattress because you are hoping it will stop your snoring, try a gel-based mattress like the Ice Cool mattress from Hugh Beds. It comes with an HD Cooled Gel layer, and its effects can be felt just by touch. People are often surprised by how cool it feels to the touch.

If you snore and you’ve read about the link between cooling mattresses, gel, and snoring, this is the mattress for you.

Hugh Beds – Best mattress for hot sleepers

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