Uses of copper: Unusual ways copper is used which you might not have known

Want to know the uses of copper? It’s a pretty solid material, with amazing health benefits. But when it comes to the periodic table of elements, gold and silver top the list of metals people know. People pay big bucks for these two pretty metals, and for good reason – they’re pretty. But in terms of versatility, they’re not top of our list. That title goes to copper.

You might not know this, but copper can be used for many different things, because its properties mean it is useful for an array of structural and decorative applications. It’s also common, which means it is cheap, and it is the first metal humans discovered. We’ve been using copper for 10,000 years, which means we are pros at turning it into cookware and work tools.

But what else is copper used for?

Kitchen sinks

Because copper has anti-microbial properties and is resistant to corrosion, that makes it the perfect material for kitchen sinks. Sinks made from this stuff are likely to be more hygienic and also to last a really long time. That’s important, because water is destructive, and loitering water can also carry harmful bacteria.


Copper jewellery might not be as common or as lusted after as gold or silver, but it is the perfect material for jewellery. Not only is it durable and anti-microbial, as we have mentioned above, but it is flexible and malleable, and it is flexible due to its ductility, which means it’s easy to mould into intricate and beautiful shapes.


Copper’s antimicrobial properties make it an incredibly useful material for pipes, particularly where there are filtration elements. Where water or other substances need to be moved without contamination, copper alloys are the perfect solution.


Copper conducts electricity and that makes it a safe and efficient material for wire cores. It can withstand high temperatures without burning up.


There is a reason tools like wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and other tools are made by copper. That’s because copper in certain forms is non-sparking and non-magnetic, so it works really well in workspaces where there might be a risk of fire or explosion.

Copper door knobs and pull handles

Because they are anti-microbial, copper door knobs and pull handles are a popular choice in homes, because our door knobs are one of the most touched areas in our houses, and that means they can be a breeding ground for microbes and other bugs.

It helps too that copper is hardwearing, and when we’re opening and closing doors constantly, that makes copper the perfect material to use.

Home decor

Copper is back in fashion, so you likely see it used as decor in homes, pubs and bars across the country. Because copper has a beautiful sheen, it is an attractive favourite for luxurious bathtubs or exposed pipes.

Copper is a good option for any decorative items that might be exposed to the elements, such as plant pots, because they are rigid and won’t wear easily.

Cooking stuff and plates

Once again, copper’s antimicrobial properties come into play, and many people choose copper pans and plates for their homes not only because they look nice, but also because they’re a safe place to cook and prepare food.

Musical instruments

Copper has a huge part to play in music. In fact, Western music would not exist without the existence of copper. Brass, used to make horns, trumpets and saxophones, is a copper alloy, and you can also find copper in bronze – used for acoustic guitar strings – and in cymbals, tambourines, and triangles. Most musical instruments use copper in some way.


Copper is used for rain gutter systems, especially if these are ornamental. That’s because copper can be polished up to look really pretty. Spanish colonial homes and homes from the Tudor era used exposed copper guttering to add beauty to their homes, and it pairs well with other architectural features, like brick walls and terra cotta tiles.

Because copper is malleable and flexible, it can be pressed into almost any shape, which will leave you with a huge number of gutter styles to choose from. Because copper can withstand the elements, your new copper gutters will last for forever. In fact, you can’t pick a better material to use outside your home. Beautiful and durable. What more could you want?


Copper is used in mattresses because it is scientifically proven to help with rheumatoid arthritis. Mattresses enthused with copper reduce pressure on the joins and offer luxurious cushioning, which will help you sink into the mattress instead of pushing uncomfortably into your body.

Our copper mattress naturally dissipates heat and is anti-bacterial. It also creates a resilient, firm sleeping surface that withstands heavy loads and maintains its comfort properties. Support layers relieve pressure points, improve circulation, and support the spine.

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