Why does temperature matter so much for good rest?

Sleep is incredibly important for our wellbeing. Despite sleep being so important, so many of us struggle with our sleep. If you struggle with your sleep, there are lots of things that may be influencing this. Some common issues that can influence sleep are often unknown to many of us. These factors can include our mental health, natural light, and even our use of technology. Another big factor influencing our sleep is temperature. This blog will talk through why temperature matters so much when achieving a great night of sleep, and give you some helpful things that you can do to work on this.

The science behind why?

When we drift off to sleep, it is important for our core body temperature to drop. Typically, this temperature change will be around one to two degrees. This drop in temperature helps signal to the rest of the body that it’s time to go to sleep. It’s suggested that this is because the body conserves energy  to focus on other important things while you sleep. This temperature drop helps our body to do things like rest and digest.

At Hugh beds we  are aware of this, and that’s why we sell beds that help ensure your body is the right temperature for a restful night of sleep.

Optimum core body temperature

Research suggests that the optimum body temperature to sleep is 37.5 degrees celsius. Our room temperature and other factors, such as how hot our mattress or duvet is,  can often impact our body temperature, sending it soaring away from its optimal level. For instance, sometimes our bedrooms can become quite hot throughout the night, which can cause a sweaty and uncomfortable environment. Your quilt may also be too thick, making it more difficult to keep this ideal temperature throughout the night. If your mattress also struggles to eradicate body heat, which many often do, all of this together may have a negative impact on this core body temperature throughout the night.

Adjust your bedding layers

A good way to ensure your temperature stays at its optimum temperature for a great night of sleep is to ensure your bedding is layered. Rather than having bedding that is too thick or thin and can lead to temperature issues, layered bedding means that you can easily adjust the layers to suit your body temperature as you sleep. A light sheet  you can strip down to in the warmer months could be useful. It’s also a good idea to have two separate quilts that you can alternate depending on the time of year.

A hot bath before bed

A hot bath can be another great way to support temperature regulation. Taking a hot bath can help you fall asleep as it supports natural processes by helping your body temperature drop. It is advisable to have a hot bath around 90 minutes before you sleep, so that your body temperature will automatically drop on the lead up to bed. This change in body temperature will send signals to your body that it is time to go to sleep. This will support you to drift naturally into a good quality slumber. It’s a particularly good thing to try if you struggle to drift off.

A temperature controlled mattress

With temperature being so important when it comes to sleep, having a mattress that will support you to have the ideal temperature is extremely helpful. It’s natural for your body to release moisture and heat throughout the night. Many mattresses – such as standard memory foam mattresses – struggle to eradicate this body heat. This means that the heat will stick around, and may cause an uncomfortable night. You might find yourself waking more often.

At Hugh Beds, we understand the importance of fixing this problem. We have created new technology to allow our mattresses to support your ideal body temperature. Our ‘37.5 technology mattress’ includes fabric which supports you to have a great night’s sleep. This technology will regulate your temperature and moisture throughout the night, ensuring your body stays at your optimum temperature. We also have our ‘ice-cool gel mattress’ which has a cool gel ticking, keeping the mattress nice and cool throughout the night. This is a great option for people who tend to overheat most night. Both mattresses create the perfect comfort for your body and can decrease the number of times you wake each night.

Hugh Beds

At Hugh beds, we really understand your sleep needs. We know the common sleep problems that many of our customers face and have fixed these issues using the expertise of our amazing team. We offer the very best mattresses for sale,  made from the latest scientific materials to eliminate these problems. We have a range of unique beds with each of their individual benefits to suit your needs. To check out our amazing beds and their brilliant benefits visit our website.

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