Advantages of the Copper Tech in Mattresses

When we think of copper – we think of shiny metal – so why would we want to associate it with our mattress?

The truth is that the technology around copper and how it has been developed for mattresses brings a great deal of benefit to the user, and in this article we are going to explore why it is used and how it brings you a good, healthy and disturbance free night of sleep

There’s copper in my foam mattress…

Be grateful that there is. Copper infused into your foam mattress brings huge benefits, not least in the comfort of the sleeper by supporting pressure points as you rest. The infusion brings about a very smooth surface to sleep on, so – as you move around – you will feel the mattress both protecting and holding you, creating a level of security that ensures unbroken sleep and leading to a bright and wide awake day.

So what’s copper all about?

The history and heritage of copper dates back hundreds of years. Some believe it is linked to giving people psychic insights, or even has scope to increase peoples thought process by lifting frequencies to the spirit realm. Today, it is linked to nutrition and wider health.

As far back as the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, people used copper to steralise drinking water and support the cleaning and disinfection of wounds. We know that the Aztecs used copper as a pain remedy, mainly to treat headaches and other infections – even burns.

We have seen even more recently people who use copper necklaces or bracelets as a way to ease joint pain and support a more natural healing process, and many sufferers of arthritis are keen users of copper in various compounds.

My mattress has copper in it. Why?

Now we arrive at the reasons why copper is in your 21st Century mattress.

It is relatively straightforward in explanation, as copper has great health benefits and helps you as you sleep. As you rest, the mattress copper activates in line with your body’s needs, and naturally – without the need to do anything – starts to ease pain, including arthritis. It also decreases inflammation in your body generally. If you have any joint damage or muscle cramps – copper is an active agent to reduce – and even prevent – those negative impacts on your body, too.

Wider support to your circulation is guaranteed, and – as you are resting better – your mind and body are naturally healing, which ensures an increase in energy and stamina. Last but not least, copper in your mattress can have a detoxifying effect, and will improve your body’s rhythm and oxygenation.

What does the science say?

We know through scientific testing and the use of 21st Century technology that the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of copper prevent microbes from developing and ensure that DNA contaminants are destroyed. The antibacterial powers of copper make it an absolutely perfect element to use in everyday products, like foam mattresses and pillows.

We see a huge amount of copper used in surfaces in restaurant kitchens, train stations, public transport, airports and gyms. It is a very real possibility that due to the antibacterial properties of copper – and in line with the international pandemic we are still in the grip of – that other surfaces that can be easily contaminated, such as toilet and tap handles, will have copper included in their manufacture. The reason? Copper can literally make inactive and kill a whole host of pathogens INCLUDING norovirus! The scientific, proven and historic track record of copper as a germ killer means that we must find increasing ways to use it in everyday products.

So it’s in my new mattress…

We’ve identified that copper is pretty cool. We can see now why it might be good to have copper in your foam mattress, and not because of the ancient thoughts about raising you to the spiritual plane or heighten your awareness. It’s not that copper will heal you of all your ailments and health issues – because that’s not why we are here. We are however, after our own tests, feedback and reviews here to tell you with a high level of confidence that there are many positive reasons and advantages for people with copper in their mattresses, regardless if you sleep on your side, your back or your front. They include:

  • Your copper mattress is cool: Not just cool, trendy, but cooler. As copper is one of the most conductive elements, it means that – as your body increases in heat through the night under your duvet – the copper acts as an absorption tool and carries the heat away from your body, to maintain comfort throughout the night. Regulated consistent temperature will ensure the best night’s sleep.
  • Your copper mattress stays clean: The copper infused mattress is completely hypoallergenic, which means that it can kill viruses, mold, fungus and any other nasties that can hang around, build up and have historically existed in other kinds of mattress. The obvious benefits to asthma or allergy sufferers from using a copper mattress are plain to see.
  • Your copper mattress just wants to support: The cells of copper within your new mattress will give you balanced support, and they often have one firm side and one soft side. You will therefore get the level of support you need in the parts of your body where you absolutely need it. It will contour around your body shape, ensuring the consistency of your sleep night after night. Your copper mattress has a complete and solid response where the most compression from your body happens, meaning that key body points – including hips and shoulders – will always be well supported.

Copper is amazing. Our copper mattresses will assure you a fantastic night’s sleep every night, meaning your daytime activities, whether they be work or leisure, will be absolutely great and thoroughly enjoyable. If you are looking for your next and best mattress option, then look no further than Hugh Beds.