Customers love the 37.5 Mattress thanks to the self-regulating next-gen fabric used in our mattress

You may not realise it, but your temperature during the night whilst you sleep has a massive impact on the quality of your sleep. When it’s hot, your body overheats whilst you sleep, so your body doesn’t have time to repair the other things it needs to repair. When it’s too cold, your body is consumed with making you warm. So it’s really important that your room is a consistent temperature, and that your mattress works to regulate your body temperature. There are mattress materials out there that do that, and this is one of them.

What temperature should I be when I sleep?

Science shows that the optimum temperature for sleep is 65 degrees fahrenheit. This might vary a few degrees person to person, so this can be difficult to determine when there are two of you sleeping in a bedroom. Buying a mattress that regulates your body temperature gives you the freedom you need, because whatever the temperature of your bedroom, your mattress will help you stay comfortable.

What can impact my body temperature when I sleep?


The way our temperature changes when we sleep can depend on a number of this, including our weight, how many clothes we’re wearing, whether or not we have the heating on, the position of our bedroom in the house, and how thick our duvet is.

When we’re too hot when we sleep, we have the added issue that sweat is produced, and when we sweat on our mattress, it becomes a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Not only will it start to smell, but it might start growing nasties that limit the life of our mattress.

A breathable mattress that regulates body temperature helps to combat this problem. If your mattress can breath, it means the air can quickly dry the part of your mattress impacted by your sweat. It will also cool you down, meaning less sweating overall.

What is 37.5?

37.5 is a brand new incredible fabric used to make clothes and other items and made specifically to regulate body temperature. The material is not chemically coated, it’s made from volcanic sand and coconut shells, and big brands like ADIDAS and Tommy Bahama use it to make their sportswear. It’s material, but it’s counted as technology and science.

The particles with 37.5 material are active and embedded into the material. Because they combine a large surface area with energy absorption, they’re perfect for trapping moisture. They have the ability to remove sweat when it’s still in the vapour stage, which means it isn’t yet liquid moisture and won’t leak all over your bedding. This helps you to stay cool. Because it stops sweat happening in the first place and then wicking it away, this means increased comfort, which means a better night of sleep for you sweaty lot out there. It also reduces the amount of washing you need to do, thus likely increasing the lifespan of your mattress.

When you’re cold, 37.5 traps infrared energy emitted by the body, which keeps you warm, thus keeping you at the perfect temperature of 37.5 degrees.

This means that if one of you is more prone to sweating and the other one is always cold, it won’t matter. Your area of the mattress will work to get you to the perfect temperature.

Where can I find other 37.5 products?

The company, which calls themselves ‘thirty seven five’, are working with brands across the globe to bring their pioneering technology to the masses. You can now buy 37.5 sportswear, general clothing, nightwear, bath-wear, and workwear. Burberry and Calvin Klein are amongst their supporters.

Do a quick search online, and you’ll find a tonne of the world’s leading sports and athletic brands using 37.5 materials. They’re sold as performance enhancing because they take away the issues that come with overheating when you’re working out. They’re also endorsed by some of the world’s top workwear manufacturers, so if you’re looking for a hi-vis, this might be your best bet.

But we don’t think anyone should underestimate the benefits of a good night of sleep. All of the top athletes recommend it. The very basis of our wellbeing starts with how well rested you are, so it’s important you take this seriously, and we think a 37.5 mattress is a good place to start, especially if you’re a restless sleeper. Even if you aren’t, you’ll probably find you benefit from this. You might not realise how much a bad mattress is impacting your resting time until you try something totally new.

We’re proud to offer 37.5

This exclusive fabric is available on our 37.5 mattress. Our 37.5 mattress will regulate your body temperature like no other mattress.

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