The science: Why do I get so hot when I sleep?

Sleep hot? Ever felt like you need to put your whole self in the freezer to fall asleep and stay asleep? You’re not alone! Hundreds of people sleep hot – which means, you are someone who often feels hot at night when trying to sleep. Hot sleepers usually wake up several times in the night sweating and feeling uncomfortable. This can result in bouts of insomnia and could be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Imagine this: It’s 2am and you find yourself awake again – feeling sweaty, and uneasy for not being able to find a solution to these numerous night sweats you experience during the night.

Why do you sleep hot?

People sleep hot mostly due to their sleep environment and the way our bodies are made. The core body temperature drops a few degrees when we lay down to rest at night, casting some of the body heat to your sheets or mattress. Unfortunately, some mattresses are made to trap that heat and it cannot escape. This usually results in night sweats and hot sleepers!

Your mattress and bedding really matter if you are a hot sleeper – it’s better to shop around for mattresses that cater to hot sleepers.

What can I do to help if I sleep hot?

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer forever – there are solutions for night sweaters and for those who sleep hot – and more and more advanced materials are being scientifically developed to help regulate and control body temperature when we are resting.

One of these materials is the ice-cool fabric we use on the top layer of the ice-cool mattress.

You can buy the ice-cool mattress here.

Another great fabric that helps regulate core temperature is the 37.5 fabric – usually used by sportswear brands to help with sweating.

This material has been used to create our 37.5 mattress – 37.5 refers to 37.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which we reach the optimum core body temperature for healthy sleep according to scientific research.

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Some top tips for cooling down if you regularly sleep hot:

  • Wear breathable clothing to bed: Loose fitted clothing, made out of a breathable material is likely to keep you cooler. You might want to try natural cotton pyjamas.
  • Set your room temperature to the optimum level or a few degrees lower to stay cool.
  • Taking a hot shower or bath an hour or two before bed: This will help to lower yout body temperature, thus helping you to fall asleep faster.
  • Use air conditioning or a fan: a ceiling fan is great for hot sleepers, because it can quickly cool you down. If you are wanting to keep it on all night, remember to set it on a low setting, counter-clockwise.

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Sleeping hot has been around for many year – it’s not a new thing. And science has come a long way to alleviate this sleep struggle.

We kept up to date for how to solve this very common sleep ailment and made two amazing luxuriously comfortable and cooling mattresses.

Invest in a cooling mattress: Our ice-cool mattress and the 37.5 mattress both cater to hot sleepers!