What to do when your RA symptoms are affecting your sleep?

Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms affecting your sleep? If rheumatoid arthritis keeps you awake at night, you’re not alone.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of patients with RA suffer from problems with sleep, varying from difficulty falling asleep to difficulty maintaining sleep or suffering from daytime sleepiness!

While the precise percentage of RA patients who suffer from sleep problems is hard to decipher, more than 80% of people with RA report fatigue as one of their symptoms.

The trouble is, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can affect many parts of your body and health and proper measures need to be sought to help alleviate their struggles of it. A lot of people who have RA are in constant pain or discomfort which is awful if this affects their sleep as well. Plus, the pressure of managing your condition on top of the pain can lead to sleep problems too.

Here, we look at some of the ways that RA can affect sleep. And we highlight some solutions that might help you sleep better at night.

Can rheumatoid arthritis really affect sleep?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been shown to affect sleep due to the pain symptoms. RA can affect many parts of your body and your health in general. This has a knock-on effect on their sleep.

Sleep is important, and RA shouldn’t come in the way!

Sleep is vital to good physical and mental well-being. Throughout sleep, your immune system creates protective chemicals that aid in fighting infection. If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system can’t achieve this important function optimally. It’s particularly critical to get enough sleep if you have RA, since your immune system is already compromised.

Besides increased flares, RA patients with sleep disruptions tend to have more trouble with depression, pain severity and performing normal daily functions than RA patients who don’t have sleep problems. Also, in the deepest stages of sleep, the body releases growth hormones to repair tiny muscle tears that occur during the course of the day. People with RA who sleep fitfully may not get enough growth hormone to make needed repairs.

So, what can people with RA do to help them sleep better? We take a look at this next…

How can I get better sleep with rheumatoid arthritis?

Well, as a mattress company devoted to finding the latest scientific materials that alleviate sleep struggles, we looked at the best fabrics to alleviate RA related joint pain.

The Copper mattress is a scientifically advanced mattress designed to help with rheumatoid problems. So, getting the comfort levels just right are key in this department. With the copper infused mattress, you’ll find that the mattress is made to reduce pressure on your joints, thanks to its extremely soft feel. You’ll feel a luxurious cushioning, and will sink into the mattress, rather than the mattress pushing back against you. On Hugh’s firmness scale of 1-10, Copper Tech is rated 4 to 5.

Other ways to help with the pain and improve sleep for RA

People online have compiled many lists to suggest ideas for improving sleep with rheumatoid arthritis, which includes:

  • Taking a hot bath or shower
  • Keeping the room warmer
  • Using ice on the areas of pain
  • Move more during the day
  • Avoid stimulating yourself too much at night
  • Keep your legs raised
  • Meditate
  • Speak to your doctor about sleep-supportive medication

Why do my RA symptoms flare up at night more?

One philosophy is that the body’s circadian rhythm may be responsible. In people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the body releases less of the anti-inflammatory chemical cortisol at night, which builds up that inflammation-related pain.

Our Copper Mattress is here to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis

As you rest, the mattress copper activates in line with your body’s needs, and naturally – without the need to do anything – starts to ease pain, including arthritis. It also decreases inflammation in your body generally. If you have any joint damage or muscle cramps – copper is an active agent to reduce – and even prevent – those negative impacts on your body, too.

Wider support to your circulation is guaranteed, and – as you are resting better – your mind and body are naturally healing, which ensures an increase in energy and stamina. Last but not least, copper in your mattress can have a detoxifying effect, and will improve your body’s rhythm and oxygenation.

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