What is the story behind the 37.5 technology mattress?

Story Time….. Just before you nod off, we’d like to give you a little story about our 37.5 Tech Mattress.

Dr Gregory Haggquist – Founded 37.5 Technology!

This is how it goes: . 37.5 Technology was created by Dr. Gregory Haggquist, a Ph.D. photo-physical chemist and inventor. . In 1992, while Dr. Haggquist was in Japan, he was taken to the volcanic sand baths on Mount Aso. Initially, he thought he would only be able to stand the heat for a few minutes, but once buried in the sand he stayed in it for an hour because he found it to be so comfortable!

What he noticed, was that the comfort he felt came from the balance between heat gain and heat loss. The volcanic sand was removing the sweat vapour from his skin instantly that he was always cooled by sweat evaporation. . This was the moment of understanding for Dr. Haggquist that removing the sweat vapour before it turns to liquid sweat was key to comfort. While other manufactuers were focused on wicking— spreading liquid sweat on fabric—Haggquist focused on reducing humidity next to skin. And it turned out by enhancing comfort human performance was increased by reducing core temperature buildup. Now you too can experience the same phenomena volcanic sand bath experience when sleeping on a Hugh Beds 37.5 technology Mattress!

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